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“Child of Peace” Christmas Cantata with River of Life United Methodist Church. Saturday, Dec. 9 at 3 pm and Sunday, Dec. 10 at 10 am here at First Congregational Church

In need of a friend? Call us.

Everyone has times when they are facing obstacles in life that wear us down. Oftentimes all people need is a friendly presence shared over a cup of coffee and to be reminded they aren’t alone. If you or someone you know is in need of a friend, call our church office at 608-362-4821, or Pastor Dan Herman directly at 815-540-4558. Pastor Dan has training in counseling and crisis work and would be happy to set up a time to meet. The focus of counseling from a Christian perspective is the same as in any secular counseling, but with the added conversation about how a person sees God’s presence in the circumstances of life. Remember, you’ve got a friend.