March Mission of the Month

The Power of Caring

2,213                    5,940                 446,787

Greetings from Caritas,

You might be wondering about the numbers in bold at the top of this page. They are important to the life of Caritas. In 2019, 2,213 are the number of different households Caritas served. Not every household needed us every month, but we were there for them when they were in need.

Those households represent people, 5,940 in fact. Plus, about 105 Beloit School District High School Students who have been identified as homeless that Caritas provides food for the weekend, every school year week. Then there are the families at the Domestic Violence Shelter Caritas supports every other week with food. Again, about 35 people served per month. Last and not least, about 30 people, in three different apartment complexes, with limited mobility that we provide food to monthly.

Then there is the 446,787 pounds of food Caritas distributed last year. Not every household or individual used Caritas services every month, but we were there for everyone.

Caritas serves more than those who come through our door. We go where we are needed, to serve our community. This is what the power of your caring has accomplished. We don’t know what the coming year holds, but with your donation, Caritas will make the future a little brighter for our fellow neighbors.

With a grateful heart,

Max P Dodson
Executive Director

A 501(c)(3) organization